Riviera Hair Replacement Helps Women With Female Pattern Hair Thinning

Riviera Hair Replacement Helps Women on Long Island Find Solutions to Hair Loss Caused by Female Pattern Hair Loss

If you are one of the many woman experiencing hair loss on Long Island, Riviera Hair Replacement can help find a solution.

Women who experience hair loss do so for many reasons. Studies show that up to one-third of women will experience thinning hair at some point in their lives. For post-menopausal women on Long Island, two-thirds are likely to experience hair thinning or spots of hair loss. A common cause of hair loss in women is the same as it is for men: pattern baldness or pattern hair loss.

For many of these women, even mild hair-loss or thinning can be quite traumatic, causing anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Don’t let this happen to you.

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What is Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Female pattern hair loss, like male pattern baldness, is called androgenic alopecia. Hair loss of this type usually occurs because of a combination of hormones and genetics. It can occur any time after puberty, but most women see the first signs of androgenic alopecia during and after menopause.

As women age, the risk of pattern hair loss increases. The risk also increases for women who have a history of hair loss in their families.

Female pattern hair loss occurs when the hair growth cycle slows. The natural cycle includes a shedding period and a re-growth period. What exactly happens?

It takes longer for hair to regrow after it sheds. The hair that does grow in becomes thinner and shorter because the hair follicle itself shrinks as well.

Androgenic alopecia in women usually begins with gradual hair thinning at the part. This is usually followed by diffuse hair loss across the top of the head. Unlike men who experience male pattern baldness, women with female pattern hair loss rarely develop receding hairlines or become completely bald.

How Female Pattern Hair Loss Can Affect Women

Female pattern hair loss can affect women more deeply than their male counterparts. Why? The negative social stigma associated with hair loss is far greater for women than it is for men.

Many cultures, including our own, associate feminine beauty with long, thick, shiny hair. For women, hair is often a tremendous source of pride and confidence. For some, it can be an important part of their identity.

Women who experience hair thinning caused by female pattern hair loss might feel surprised by how profoundly it affects them. It can result in feelings of depression, anxiety, isolation, and sadness. When hair loss accompanies menopause, it might be just one of a variety of physical and emotional changes that only exacerbate these feelings.

What Can You do About Female Pattern Hair Loss on Long Island?

Female pattern hair loss does not mean you must live the rest of your life without the hair you love. Fortunately, Riviera Hair Replacement has options for women on Long Island experiencing thinning hair.

At Riviera Hair Replacement, we offer a variety of options from which women can choose. Our discreet and experienced consultants work closely with our clients to design and create the hair replacement solutions that meet their needs. Whether you want to fully cover or maximize the hair you have, we have the right solution for you.

While there are some medications that can help female pattern hair loss, they might not be right for everyone. They take time and commitment. Some might have unwanted side effects. Speaking with your doctor is also an important step in making a hair replacement plan.

Women on Long Island Call Riviera Hair Replacement for Solutions to Female Pattern Hair Loss

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