A handwritten thank you letter with a fountain pen, expressing gratitude and appreciation.At Riviera, we understand that replacing your hair is a very emotional decision. However, our years of experience have well equipped us to help you in this time of need. Our professional and compassionate staff is prepared to assist you with all of your hair replacement needs; anywhere from initially choosing your system to styling and maintaining it.

In our 50 years of serving the community, Riviera has maintained a reputation for excellence and dedication. We will strive to ensure your satisfaction and do whatever it takes to give you the alluring hair you’ve always wanted.

We have been privileged with receiving the following gracious statements from some of our satisfied clients:

I didn’t get to see you after Judy put the finishing touches on my new wig, but it came out great! The color, the texture, the cut—perfect! Thank you so much for being your usual, accommodating self and making all the adjustments to make me happy. Riviera is the best!


With hope in her heart, she made an appointment at the hair replacement shop where my sister works, The Riviera in Syosset. She was greeted by Jack, the owner of the shop. His understanding immediately comforted her. He asked her for a photo so he had some idea of her preferred hairstyle.

When the wig was delivered, my sister went to work on her. The moment my sister replaced the bald head with luscious tresses the emotion set in. My friend dissolved in tears of joy, the first happiness that she had experienced since that dire diagnosis. She was immediately impressed by my sister’s gentle nature and care.

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~Barbara Anne K.

Dear Cathy,

On what was a truly heartbreaking day for me having to come to terms with my cancer diagnosis by suffering the loss of my hair, you were a huge support to me in this process. Not only did you get the job done by shaving my head in record time but you did it with the utmost of caring and compassion. Before I knew it, I was “wig worthy” and felt less heartsick. I’m deeply grateful for your empathy and professionalism.

Most sincerely and with great gratitude – I’ll never forget you!

~Mary Ellen F.

I want to say a big, big heart filled thank you to Jack and the team at Riviera Hair Replacement. You are pure class and made my experience very heartfelt, warm, kind, understanding and considerate. I feel like I entered another “club” through this experience and truly feel what Jack and the team does for men, women and children. He helps each and every client love themselves again by making them look and feel like their old self. It felt nice to be around a group of people who I barely know that just “understands.”

Thank you again for everything!

~Stephanie B.

I wanted to thank you again for understanding my situation. I’ve been very happy with my purchase and was concerned about having to change to a different quality. I cannot thank you enough for being so accommodating and considerate. I have to say, everyone at Riviera is always so pleasant and helpful. They always make me feel so comfortable, and everyone is so positive and reassuring. Thank you again.


Thank you all so much for making me look beautiful on my wedding day. I can always count on you to make my hair look perfect. Thank you for everything.

~Laura M.

Thank you so much for your compassion and professionalism. Your kindness has made such a difference.

~Jo-Anne F.

Thank you for your attention to me and my wonderful wigs. Your generosity is much appreciated. Someday I hope to repay the favor.

~Karen L.

Dear Cathy, as a cancer patient one of the most dreaded parts has been the anticipation and the eventuality of losing all of my hair. I came to Riviera very sad and frightened. The whole idea of a wig upset me greatly and knowing I was going to have to have my head shaved – devastating. Then I met you. You are not only a great hairdresser, but you greeted and dealt with me with compassion, understanding, empathy, and care. As I take this journey, I will not forget how you made a horrific situation actually pleasant. I thank you.

~Tracy S.

I can’t thank you all enough for the wonderful work you do and for all those whose lives you touch who are grateful for the service you provide. Hope all the good care you give to others comes back to you. Thank you so much.

~Barbara C.

Your masterful work has given my daughter the comfort and confidence to feel beautiful and be social during her chemotherapy treatment. I will always be eternally grateful for all the kindness, compassion, and professionalism. You truly are the best.

~Delila F.

I just want to thank you all for making this experience as comfortable as possible for me. Everyone was very kind, and went above and beyond. Thanks!


Dear Jack, Brianne, Cathy, & the amazing staff at Riviera,

Words cannot express how thankful we are for all you did for me and for our wedding day. You took a sensitive situation and handled it with such professionalism and care. We will be forever grateful for that. Jack, you coming up with a solution that worked to cover up my alopecia was amazing. We cannot thank you enough for all you did. Everyone at Riviera is always so great to work with. We cannot thank you enough for always making me feel and look my best, but especially on my wedding day.

~C & M

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your guidance and support as I had a get a “cranial prosthesis” for my hair loss due to chemo treatments for breast cancer. I was scared and sad, but Jack and his staff made what I thought would be a traumatic experience doable. I thought I would cry as I got my long hair shaved, but I felt comfortable and at ease through it. Jack, the style and color you helped me choose were perfect! I get so many compliments on my “new” look. Everyone is amazed when I reveal that it is a wig! I’ve been asked if I had Brazilian straightening, but in any case, it looks so natural and fits great – I couldn’t be happier! I recommend you to everyone I talk to. Thank you so much for everything!

~Catherine M.

Dear Jack & Judy,

When I first walked into your office I was a nervous wreck. There after my friend introduced me to you and your wonderful staff, I felt at ease. However, now that I have my hairpiece I regained my self confidence! You matched it perfectly to my color and you took years off my age. Thank you – Thank you! I will be coming in for a wash and blow dry once a month.

Thanks again,


To: Riviera Hair Replacement

This note is easy for me to compose because of my wonderful experience with Riviera Hair Replacement.

I am now going through my second bout of cancer, after my original diagnosis 3 years ago. I was devastated with my orignial diagnosis and with losing my hair due to chemo. At the time I was advised of a few hair replacement/wig specialzing firms (including Riviera, but I decided to go locally.) The firm I went to was experienced and convenient and due to my health and mental condition at the time, I did not really investigate wigs or firms that provided them.

Well here I am three years later and once again facing the entire ordeal that cancer brings to a person. When it comes to wigs, I have become more experienced based on my previous wigs from 3 years ago. The fact is that I was not happy with the feel, look, and color of my previous wigs but was just too caught up with the recovery process at the time to do anything about it.

Since that time 3 years ago, I decided to contact Riviera Hair Replacement and made an appointment in anticipation of losing my hair once again. Although the issue of treating cancer takes its own path, that same path brought me to Jack, who owns Riviera Hair Replacement.

It is not easy to find the singular best adjective to describe Jack, so let me provide some that are appropriate: CARING – CONCERNED – COMPASSIONATE – KNOWLEDGEABLE – PROFESSIONAL. There are so many more that can be used and would be accurate. At my appointment, I brought my previous wigs. I did not tell Jack where they were purchased but right away he was able to tell me exactly what was wrong with my original wigs and what should be done and what would be done with the wigs he would provide. “The old ones were too heavy, not the right color or correct style.”

Jack and his very professional, dedicated, and talented staff have now provided me with not just a wig, but one that matches my color and cut/style of my own hair, and is so light in weight that I not only “don’t mind” wearing it for an entire day but it actually makes me feel great when I put it on and will let me forget about one of the impacts that cancer and chemo can have on a person.

Jack and his staff (it is never easy to single out one person, but Cathy is also like an artist with cutting and styling) has helped me (and I have to believe many other clients) feel great and look great, whether it is looking in a mirror, going out for treatments, or being with family and friends.

Riviera Hair Replacement is now like family and friends in my life, moving forward. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. In addition, please feel free to have any prospect contact me as a referral or a person who can share other information.

P.S. Yesterday, I had one of my chemo treatments and 3 different women all made a similar inquiry to me; “That’s still your own hair, right?” They were shocked when I said it was a wig and I told them all about Riviera Hair Replacement and the people who make up the firm.

~Robin D.

Dear Jack,

Thank you for the great hair replacement! You guys are real pros!

~John S.

Dear Jack,

Thank you for the kindness, compassion and concern you showed me during my chemotherapy treatments. You made me feel safe and comfortable and I truly appreciate it. You made a big difference in the way I look and feel and I wanted you to know that.

~Amanda O.

Just a note to say thank you so much for being so kind. All my future wigs will be purchsed at Riviera. You and your staff make something so emotional so ok and pleasurable. I am so, so thankful for what you did for me.

~Margaret S.

Dear Jack,

I just can’t find the proper words to say how happy I am with my hairpiece. Everyone who sees me tells me how great I look and they do not know about my hair loss. I am so happy with my new look thanks to you and your staff. You make my life so much better.

~Mae M.

Dear Jack,

I cannot begin to thank you for your kindness and generosity shown to me. Needless to say you know what a traumatic experience it is for any woman to lose their hair. You made me feel so secure and comfortable. My wig looks fabulous, I look so ‘put together.’ Thank you for patience and expertise.

~Sandee G.

Dear Jack,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all your concern and support. Everyone at Riviera exhibits such professionalism. I am so pleased with my hair replacement and adore the style!

~Nicole H.

Dear Jack and everyone at Riviera,

I just wanted to write you a note to thank you for your kindness and compassion during my breast cancer treatment. From the very first visit to Riviera for my consultation, I always felt you understood. You and your wonderful staff treated me with dignity and made me feel very comfortable. I can honestly say losing my hair was difficult, but you certainly made it easier.
I will recommend Riviera without hesitation.

~Robin H.

I have been a client of Riviera Hair Replacement for 30 years. I have never needed to seek out another hair replacement company because of the wonderful service I have received. Jack and Bruce have personally helped me all those years to make my units look incredibly real. They are both absolute perfectionists and will not let me leave their salon until they are satisfied with their work.

I should also note that both gentlemen are extremely honest in their business dealings (a very rare commodity these days.) A perfect example is what occurred only a few months ago. After being fitted with a new hair unit and wearing it about a month, I noticed what I perceived to be a minor defect in the base of the unit. For all appearances, the unit looked absolutely perfect. I just happened to mention the problem to Bruce thinking it might just require a simple quick fix as I was very happy with the unit overall. Bruce told me that the unit had to be replaced because of this problem. I was astounded because it looked fine and really did not seem too big of a deal to even just live with. Bruce insisted that it should be replaced (totally free of charge, of course) contrary to my saying it would be ok with me to just leave it as is. This is just one example of the kind of professionalism exhibited at Riviera.

I must also point out that Judy has been my hair stylist for most of these many years that I’ve been coming to Riviera and I couldn’t be happier with her fine work. She cuts each unit into a perfect fit and takes much extra time doing so to make it look perfect. I can’t thank her enough for her diligent work. She is the absolute best!

The best compliment a person with a hair replacement can receive is for people to not notice that they are wearing one. I’ve never received those awkward glances of my hair that can occur as an automatic reflex to someone who wears a hair unit of poor quality. The only people I have ever told that I was wearing a unit (outside of my family and friends circle), have been a few doctors during routine physical check-ups who were totally bewildered that I was wearing one.

So, if you are reading this and are considering a hair replacement of some sort, you could not be in better hands than Riviera! Go for it! I’m so glad I did those many years ago.

~Steve P.

Dear Jack and Staff:

You are the best! There is no doubt in my mind or heart about that. I love my wig! I receive many compliments and have happily handed out your cards. Not only are you artists but your caring and compassion mean more than words could ever express.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~Dennis Y.