I have been a client of Riviera Hair Replacement for 30 years. I have never needed to seek out another hair replacement company because of the wonderful service I have received. Jack and Bruce have personally helped me all those years to make my units look incredibly real. They are both absolute perfectionists and will not let me leave their salon until they are satisfied with their work.

I should also note that both gentlemen are extremely honest in their business dealings (a very rare commodity these days.) A perfect example is what occurred only a few months ago. After being fitted with a new hair unit and wearing it about a month, I noticed what I perceived to be a minor defect in the base of the unit. For all appearances, the unit looked absolutely perfect. I just happened to mention the problem to Bruce thinking it might just require a simple quick fix as I was very happy with the unit overall. Bruce told me that the unit had to be replaced because of this problem. I was astounded because it looked fine and really did not seem too big of a deal to even just live with. Bruce insisted that it should be replaced (totally free of charge, of course) contrary to my saying it would be ok with me to just leave it as is. This is just one example of the kind of professionalism exhibited at Riviera.

I must also point out that Judy has been my hair stylist for most of these many years that I’ve been coming to Riviera and I couldn’t be happier with her fine work. She cuts each unit into a perfect fit and takes much extra time doing so to make it look perfect. I can’t thank her enough for her diligent work. She is the absolute best!

The best compliment a person with a hair replacement can receive is for people to not notice that they are wearing one. I’ve never received those awkward glances of my hair that can occur as an automatic reflex to someone who wears a hair unit of poor quality. The only people I have ever told that I was wearing a unit (outside of my family and friends circle), have been a few doctors during routine physical check-ups who were totally bewildered that I was wearing one.

So, if you are reading this and are considering a hair replacement of some sort, you could not be in better hands than Riviera! Go for it! I’m so glad I did those many years ago.

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