To: Riviera Hair Replacement

This note is easy for me to compose because of my wonderful experience with Riviera Hair Replacement.

I am now going through my second bout of cancer, after my original diagnosis 3 years ago. I was devastated with my orignial diagnosis and with losing my hair due to chemo. At the time I was advised of a few hair replacement/wig specialzing firms (including Riviera, but I decided to go locally.) The firm I went to was experienced and convenient and due to my health and mental condition at the time, I did not really investigate wigs or firms that provided them.

Well here I am three years later and once again facing the entire ordeal that cancer brings to a person. When it comes to wigs, I have become more experienced based on my previous wigs from 3 years ago. The fact is that I was not happy with the feel, look, and color of my previous wigs but was just too caught up with the recovery process at the time to do anything about it.

Since that time 3 years ago, I decided to contact Riviera Hair Replacement and made an appointment in anticipation of losing my hair once again. Although the issue of treating cancer takes its own path, that same path brought me to Jack, who owns Riviera Hair Replacement.

It is not easy to find the singular best adjective to describe Jack, so let me provide some that are appropriate: CARING – CONCERNED – COMPASSIONATE – KNOWLEDGEABLE – PROFESSIONAL. There are so many more that can be used and would be accurate. At my appointment, I brought my previous wigs. I did not tell Jack where they were purchased but right away he was able to tell me exactly what was wrong with my original wigs and what should be done and what would be done with the wigs he would provide. “The old ones were too heavy, not the right color or correct style.”

Jack and his very professional, dedicated, and talented staff have now provided me with not just a wig, but one that matches my color and cut/style of my own hair, and is so light in weight that I not only “don’t mind” wearing it for an entire day but it actually makes me feel great when I put it on and will let me forget about one of the impacts that cancer and chemo can have on a person.

Jack and his staff (it is never easy to single out one person, but Cathy is also like an artist with cutting and styling) has helped me (and I have to believe many other clients) feel great and look great, whether it is looking in a mirror, going out for treatments, or being with family and friends.

Riviera Hair Replacement is now like family and friends in my life, moving forward. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. In addition, please feel free to have any prospect contact me as a referral or a person who can share other information.

P.S. Yesterday, I had one of my chemo treatments and 3 different women all made a similar inquiry to me; “That’s still your own hair, right?” They were shocked when I said it was a wig and I told them all about Riviera Hair Replacement and the people who make up the firm.