Helping Transgender Individuals Find Hair Replacement Solutions

Helping Transgender Individuals Find Hair Replacement Solutions

A transgender woman in black gloves admiring with her hair reflection in the mirror.

There is a lot of pressure in our culture related to our hair. It starts when we are born – one of the first things our parents say is about whether we have “so much hair” or none. Then comes the emotional agony of the dreaded first haircut!

For many people as they go through adolescence and emerge into adulthood, hair might feel very much central to one’s gender identity; it’s length, a wide range of hairstyles, colors, and thickness. Think for a moment about how many ways people use hair to express themselves. There are too many ways to list.

For transgender men and women and nonbinary individuals, hair often plays a particularly critical role in their identities and can even affect their quality of lives. Altering your hair characteristics can be one of the first ways someone might begin a process of transitioning. When transgender people experience unwanted or unexpected changes in their hair, finding the right solution can be crucial to fulfilling or maintaining their gender identity or transition.

At Riviera Hair Replacement, our professional hair replacement specialists work with transgender men and transgender women to find optimal solutions. We partner with our clients to design and create the right hair replacement solution to meet their specific needs.

If you are a transgender man or transgender woman and want to restore your hair and your confidence, please call Riviera Hair Replacement at 516-364-0110 to schedule a free, discreet consultation. You will be glad you did.

We Provide Respectful, Discreet Hair Replacement Services For Our Transgender Clients

At Riviera Hair Replacement, we pride ourselves on providing services to a diverse community of clients. Our team recognizes that every individual who calls our number is unique, and we do our best to create a comfortable, safe environment in which people can be themselves.

Whether you identify as cisgender, transgender, male, female, trans male, trans female, trans, transgender, genderqueer, gender fluid, gender nonbinary, and/or gender non-conforming, we can help find a hair replacement solution that suits your needs.

At Riviera Hair Replacement, we are mindful to ask which, if any, labels to utilize and which pronouns a particular person might want to use when referencing them. Our professional staff offers hair replacement services with respect and consideration, tailoring solutions to every individual.

What Causes Someone to Lose Hair or Experience Thinning Hair?

People experience hair changes from various things, including hormones, stress, female pattern hair loss, male pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia, hair damage, and cancer treatments. At Riviera Hair Replacement, we offer solutions that can restore your head with the hair you want.

Pattern Hair Loss
One of the most common hair loss or hair thinning issues we encounter is pattern baldness, which might mean you might have a genetic predisposition to hair thinning. Your hair loss pattern might involve a balding crown or recession of your frontal hairline.

For transgender individuals, pattern hair loss can be tough if you are transitioning from male to female. For females, the pressure to have a thick, full head of hair is exacerbated by cultural expectations and gender-related expectations.

Thinning hair can also be the result of hormones. Hormone-treated transgender women and hormone-treated transgender men often expect and want hair changes as they transition. For some, however, hormone replacement therapy might result in unwanted thinning hair.

Studies show that gender-affirming hormone use is significantly associated with hair loss in transgender men. For transgender women, pattern thinning or androgenetic alopecia are often the culprit.

Stress, as well, can be a big part of hair loss. We all experience and handle stress in different ways. Persistent stress can alter our hair follicles and the cycle of growth and shedding.

Transgender individuals often face unrelenting stress. Some of it might come from trying to live as one’s true self. Other stress might result from discrimination, exclusion, or confusion some people experience. Coming out as transgender is not easy for everyone and can be met with resistance even from parents and other loved ones.

Medical Treatments
Illness can also cause significant loss of hair, a cancer diagnosis in particular. Chemotherapy and radiation have adverse effects that can cause hair loss and thinning, which for many cancer patients serves as an unwelcome “badge” of sickness. For transgender individuals, hair loss from cancer treatments can deal a hard blow to their identities.

How Can Riviera Hair Replacement Help Transgender Individuals?

Riviera Hair Replacement offers solutions! Our team of experienced, discreet professionals work closely with clients in the transgender community to determine the best hair replacement solution to meet their needs. Our consultation process is confidential.

  • Do you want a full cranial prothesis that provides a new style for you?
  • Do you want a prosthesis to help you regain your natural appearance with a fuller head of hair?
  • Do you want to maximize your natural hair growth and explore hair integration?
  • Are you experiencing androgenic alopecia or pattern hair loss?
  • Is hormone therapy causing excessive shedding?
  • Do you have concerns about how your hair will look if chemotherapy is part of your cancer treatment plan?

Whatever your question may be, our goal is to address your concerns and meet your needs. Our entire team wants you to leave here feeling like your best-self and confident that you have found a satisfying long-term solution to your hair loss.

Call Riviera Hair Replacement today at 516-364-0110 to schedule your free, discreet consultation.