Hair Integration Can Help Thinning Hair

How Hair Integration Can Help You Look and Feel Your Best

If you are experiencing hair loss and looking for a solution, Riviera Hair Replacement provides professional, discreet consulting to help you choose the right one. We offer clients a range of options to find the hair loss solution that suits their goals and makes them feel like the best version of themselves again.

Hair integration is one solution that can help restore men and women with a thick, full head of hair. Find out if hair integration is right for you by scheduling a free consultation at Riviera Hair Replacement. Call us today at 516-364-0110 to learn more about how we can help you look and feel confident and beautiful!

What is Hair Integration?

Hair integration is a non-surgical hair replacement system that involves blending your existing hair with other hair, that is expertly attached to a prosthetic. The prosthetic is a custom made, extra fine mesh piece. The piece is designed to fit securely, comfortably, and discreetly so no one knows it’s there.

Your hair and the hair attached to the mesh are seamlessly blended, matching color, texture, and style, so your hair looks full and natural. Hair integration is sometimes referred to as “pull-through” or “mesh integration.”

Hair Integration Can Help Men and Women Experiencing Hair Loss and Thinning

Hair integration can benefit men and women who have not experienced complete hair loss. It allows you to continue to keep the hair you have, letting it grow and thrive, integrating it with supplemental hair for a seamless look.

Whether you have a small spot of hair loss, a thinning crown, or hair loss that is patchy, hair integration can provide you with a full, thick, beautiful head of hair.

Why Choose Hair Integration as Your Hair Replacement Solution?

  • Hair integration allows you to avoid wearing a full-coverage hairpiece if that is something you would like to avoid.
  • Hair integration is easy to maintain, especially when you work with experienced hair replacement consultants like ours at Riviera.
  • Hair integration allows you to keep the hair you have without cutting or hiding it.
  • Hair integration allows you to enhance or improve the look of your existing hair.
  • Hair integration is non-surgical

Maximize Your Natural Hair With Hair Integration

Hair integration can be the perfect way to maximize the use of your existing hair and solve a variety of hair loss issues. Hair integration can be particularly good for:

  • Filling in areas affected by diffuse androgenic alopecia
  • Adding volume
  • Supplementing thinning hair mid-scalp
  • Supplementing thinning crowns

Hair integration units allow you to keep your hair while providing full, seamless, undetectable coverage of areas in need.

You will be surprised at how comfortable, beautiful, and confident you will feel with your customized hair integration unit.

Call Riviera Hair Replacement to Find Out if Hair Integration is the Right Hair Loss Solution for You

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At Riviera Hair Replacement, we provide discreet, compassionate, professional care to everyone who walks through our doors looking for hair replacement solutions. We hope to hear from you and get you on your way to feeling and looking like your confident self again!