Chemotherapy Hair Replacement Solutions

Riviera Has Hair Replacement Solutions for People Getting Chemotherapy

Believe it or not, one of the first things people think ask when they receive a cancer diagnosis is, “will I lose my hair?” This side effect of cancer treatments is often the primary concern for men and women after learning they have cancer. Why?

Because our hair is important to us. You might not realize just how much until you find out that you might lose it. For cancer patients, hair loss can feel like a symbol to the world that screams, “I have cancer,” which is the last thing that many people want.

At Riviera Hair Replacement, we help men and women who experience hair loss from cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. We offer a variety of solutions from partial to full coverage wigs designed and created to make you look and feel your best. Whether you want hair replacement that gives you a brand-new look or one that resembles the color and style that “looks like you,” we can help. Our hair replacement specialists are compassionate and discreet and provide outstanding service and results. Call Riviera Hair Replacement today to schedule your free consultation.

It is Important to Understand the Possibility of Losing Your Hair From Cancer Treatments

Chemotherapy affects people differently. Make sure to speak with your doctor or another health care professional about what to expect from your cancer treatments and suggestions on coping with the side effects, including hair thinning or hair loss. It can help you prepare for what lies ahead. For example, many of our clients are men and women who want to have a wig made before they begin treatment. This way, when their chemo starts and their hair begins to thin, they are ready and not scrambling for a hair replacement solution!

Why Does Chemotherapy Cause Hair Loss?

Chemotherapy is powerful. It has to be to attack growing cancer cells successfully. Chemotherapy is engineered to attack cells that reproduce or grow rapidly – like cancer cells. Unfortunately, chemo can’t discriminate between rapidly-growing cells that are good and ones that are bad. Therefore, while attacking the cancer cells, chemo also causes damage to non-cancer cells.

The roots of your hair happen to have some of the most rapidly growing cells in the body- which is why chemotherapy often makes your hair fall out. It attacks them the same way it attacks cancer.

Chemo can cause hair to thin or come out completely. It can also affect different places on the body that have hair- often inconsistently. For example, some people might lose eyebrows or eyelashes but retain the hair on their head, while others shed the hair on their head and arms but retain hair everywhere else.

There is good news.

Usually, when the treatment ends, your hair will begin to grow back. Hair loss from chemotherapy is often temporary. Your hair might have a different color or texture than it used to but is likely to return over the course of several months.

How Quickly Does Hair Loss Occur From Chemotherapy?

Depending on the type(s) of chemotherapy you’re getting, hair loss can begin within the first week or two of treatment. It might come out quickly in large sections, or you might start to find more if it on your pillowcase or in the shower drain. Your hair can continue to thin as your treatment continues.

For many people getting cancer treatments, seeing your hair fall out can be an unwelcome reminder of your illness for yourself and others. Knowing it will grow back might not be enough to ease the emotional toll that hair loss can take on many cancer patients.

What Can You Do If You Are Facing Hair Loss From Chemotherapy?

If you are getting treated with chemotherapy, it is because you and your doctor determined that it is the best way to fight your cancer. Even though it comes with side effects, for many people, chemotherapy is an effective way to cure various types of this disease successfully. It is more important to look at the big picture and focus on survival rather than the short-term side effects.

Although you might not be able to avoid many of the side effects of chemotherapy, some can be eased with medications, relaxation techniques, and distractions. There is one method some people try that might reduce hair loss from chemo, although it is very controversial.
There is one technique called scalp-cooling that reduces the blood flow to your scalp. By controlling the blood flow, the chemo potentially avoids attacking all hair cells, keeping some hair intact. This cooling technique is something that should be discussed thoroughly with your doctor before considering. There are reports that it adversely affects the risk of cancer returning.

You might not be able to prevent your hair loss, but there are some things to consider that may help you get through it with confidence.

Before starting your treatments, you can consider cutting your hair. If your hair is long, cutting it short can help ease the transition. Some men and women decide to shave their heads to avoid irritation or the entire experience of shedding hair.

If you decide to “wait it out,” consider taking some time before your treatment begins to make a plan for what you will do when your hair does start to fall out. Will you wear a full wig? Partial hairpieces? Hats? Scarves? All of the above? It is often easier to plan in advance so that once you begin to lose your hair, you are ready – it is one less thing for you to think about. After receiving your diagnosis and making a treatment plan, you can get a prescription for your wig and make an appointment to get started.

Seeking help early on from professionals at Riviera Hair Replacement can help ensure that your wig is to your liking. We can see your natural hair, color, texture, and style and work with you to design and create the hair replacement that helps you remain comfortable and confident as you proceed through treatments.

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Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial to overcoming cancer. Feeling good about how you look can give you a much-needed push in the right direction. Let Riviera design and create the hair replacement solution to get you to the finish line with confidence. Call 516-364-0110 or 800-772-1523 today.