Male Pattern Baldness

At Riviera Hair Replacement, We Have Solutions for Men Experiencing Hair Loss

Both men and women experience hair loss. The average person loses about one hundred strands of hair daily. Hair generally falls out and grows back in cycles. However, at some point for men, in particular, the hair that falls out stops growing back.

Studies show that approximately 85% of all men will experience hair loss during their lifetime. There are a variety of conditions that can result in hair loss. But, by far, the most common cause of hair thinning and hair loss in men is a condition called male pattern baldness.

At Riviera Hair Replacement, our team of professionals can offer various hair loss solutions to men experiencing male pattern baldness. We can design and create a non-surgical hair replacement option that complements your existing hair and makes you feel and look your best.

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Male Pattern Baldness Causes Thinning Hair

Male pattern baldness causes nearly 95% of the hair thinning that men experience during their lifetime. Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition passed on from parents to their children.

According to WebMD, the gene affects your hair’s sensitivity to a hormone called DHT. DHT is responsible for shrinking the hair follicle. As hair follicles shrink, the hair that grows back tends to be thinner, shorter, and finer. It also takes longer for hair to grow back. The smaller the follicles get, the more it affects hair re-growth. Eventually, the follicles become so small that no hair grows at all.

Male Pattern Baldness Can Affect Mental Health

Even though most men experience hair loss, it can be a source of tremendous stress and anxiety. The psychological effect of male pattern baldness is well-documented, although many men do not openly discuss their hair loss struggles.

Much like women do, men derive confidence from having a full head of hair. Hair loss can undermine self-confidence and lead to insecurity at work and in personal relationships.

Many men feel a lack of control over their lives when they begin to show signs of male pattern baldness. Whether it is genuinely about hair, mortality, career, aging, or choices, this lack of control can lead to depression and despair. For men who already experience depression or have an anxiety disorder, hair loss can be a trigger that worsens existing conditions.

The good news is that there are solutions for men profoundly affected by hair loss and hair thinning. At Riviera Hair Replacement, our decades of experience ensure that we understand what you are going through. We know how you feel and are prepared to help. Riviera Hair Replacement provides discreet, compassionate services and offers options to help you look your best and feel confident again.

What Are Some Signs of Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is easy to spot. Nearly all cases look the same. Male pattern baldness has some of these telltale signs:

  • A receding hairline
  • Thinning strands of hair around the crown of your head
  • As the hair continues to thin around the crown, you have hair that resembles a horseshoe pattern- above your ears and around the back of your head.

Male pattern baldness usually starts at the top of the head, the hairline, or both at the same time. It can begin as early as the teenage years in some men. It usually progresses slowly over decades.

There Are Seven Stages of Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is measured in stages on a scale called the Hamilton-Norwood scale. The scale measures the typical progression of male pattern baldness as it occurs over a man’s lifetime. The stages are:

  • Stage 1- there is a very slight recession of the hairline
  • Stage 2-overall hair loss is mostly unnoticeable, but recession continues at the hairline. Recession tends to be at the temples.
  • Stage 3-recession at the temples is quite significant, and thinning at the top of the hair may be present. You might have a noticeable “bald spot.”
  • Stage 4-hair loss is evident. You might have an ”M-shaped” hairline. There is usually still a dense band of hair left running from the top of your head and around the back.
  • Stage 5-classic horseshoe-shaped hairline begins to form.
  • Stage 6-extensive hair loss exists. Hairline recession reaches the top of the head, and hair at the crown provides little if any coverage.
  • Stage 7-baldness is considered complete. Hair remains at the sides, but the top is entirely without hair. The classic horseshoe pattern is complete, and your remaining hair may be thinning.

Whatever stage you might be at, let Riviera Hair Replacement help you achieve your hair replacement goals. Our technicians can provide you with hair replacement solutions that can restore your hair and your confidence.

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