Free, No-Obligation Consultation

A complimentary consultation with Riviera can help you make an informed choice and get you on your way to being yourself again. The principle question you may have is, “What can hair restoration do for me?” While our web site and literature can provide some of the information, they cannot answer this specifically like one of our consultants can. That’s why we encourage a sit-down at our office, as it’s the best way to determine exactly what result you can expect. Consultations are held one-on-one in a private room, and they generally last about half an hour.

What to Expect

Riviera’s consultants understand the anxieties associated with discussing a situation you might be uncomfortable with. Keeping this in mind, we strive to make your consultation an informative, productive, and pleasant experience.

A typical consultation may go as follows:

  • We’ll gather some simple background information from you such as: your occupation, the type of lifestyle you have, and the cause of your hair loss. This profile will help us provide the best solution for your need and, if pertinent, guide you with information on medically related insurance coverage that you could be entitled to.
  • We’ll discuss your motivation for pursuing hair restoration and gauge your emotions, as this is an important aspect in determining which solution is best for you. We invite you to talk freely about your expectations while we learn more about you and your particular needs.
  • We’ll make a visual assessment of the area on your scalp that you wish to address. This allows us to determine which solution to recommend and to describe the details of the procedure.

To schedule a free consultation, call our office at (516) 364-0110. We’re available Monday through Saturday. We offer a wide variety of appointment times to fit your schedule. There’s no obligation and should you want a second meeting to talk some more, we will accommodate whatever makes you feel most comfortable.