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A Basic Guide to Wigs

Are you thinking of buying a wig? Why? Is it because you are unhappy with your current hairstyle? Are you considering getting a wig because your hair is thinning? Do you want to get a wig in anticipation of losing your hair from cancer treatments?

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Regardless of why you would like a wig, it might help to have some basic guidelines to help prepare for your consultation. Think about the following:


What is Your Style?

For some people, transitioning to a wig is easier if your wig is very similar to your existing hair.
Do you want your wig to closely resemble the hair you have now? Do you want to maintain your current overall look?

Others want a wig that can change their look completely. For some people, this is part of the fun of wearing wigs!

Choosing a wig is a personal decision. Consider what you want your wig to convey and how you want to feel when you wear it. Be sure to think about color, style, length, and texture.


What Type of Hair Is Best For You?

There are different types of hair that wig-makers use, and you can select which is best for you. Discussing these options with our consultant at Riviera Hair Replacement is critical to understanding the pros and cons of each.

You can choose different kinds of human hair and different kinds of synthetic hair. Some types of hair are more durable, while others are easier to style. Some require little maintenance, while others might look more natural, but we need more attention. Think about what makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle.


What Type of Wig Cap Do You Want?

The hair on a wig is attached to a wig cap. How the hair is attached is what differentiates types of wig caps.

For example, hair can be completely hand-tied or hand-knotted to a wig cap. Or, you can choose a lace front cap, a hair integration/partial cap, or a basic cap.

Each type of cap has features that might be important to you. Is comfort the most important thing? Coverage? Breathability? Volume? These are all things you can discuss with your consultant.


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