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Reasons People Love Wearing Wigs

Some people wear wigs because they feel like they have to. Others wear wigs because they want to! At Riviera Hair Replacement, we have clients who come to us seeking hair replacement for nearly every reason. We help individuals experiencing pattern baldness, trichotillomania, alopecia, or hair loss from chemotherapy. We assist clients who are old, young, male, female, and transgender. Whether you are seeking a full coverage wig or to maximize the hair you have, Riviera Hair Replacement can help find the solution that is right for you.

Wigs are all the rage these days, with some public figures are shouting their fondness for wigs from virtual rooftops. Yet, most people still don’t really share their experiences wearing wigs or how much they truly love their hair replacement. Let’s talk a bit about it here!

Here are some reasons to love wearing wigs:

Wigs can guarantee you have a good hair day

Can you imagine every day being a perfect hair day?
With wigs, that is what you get—no need to fuss every day about whether your hair will turn out ok. Just put on your wig, comb it out or tousle it, and off you go. Everyone feels better when their hair looks great!

Wigs can protect your natural hair

Blow drying, straightening, and coloring natural hair can take their toll. Believe it or not, so can conditioners and so-called protectors. Wearing wigs can do a few things: Wigs can prevent you from doing additional damage to your hair and preserve the hair that is still healthy.
Giving your hair a much-needed break from heat and chemicals can also encourage hair growth.

Wigs allow you to change your hairstyle whenever you want – with no commitment

Are you someone who likes to change your hairstyle? Do you enjoy experimenting with different hair colors, lengths, or textures? A drastic haircut is a big commitment, as is growing out a style you don’t love. Other changes to your hair can cause serious damage. Wearing wigs allows you to change anything about your hair, your image (and sometimes your personality!), without commitment or harm.

Wigs can save you money

All of those visits to the salon can add up. The cost of cutting, coloring, blow-drying, straightening and tipping can get mighty expensive when you do it several times a year. Wigs can save you money, especially if you take proper care of them. The upfront cost might seem like a lot, but over time, you can save a significant amount of money with wigs.

Wigs can disguise thinning hair

Many people choose wigs to cover up thinning hair, pattern baldness, or alopecia areata. Unfortunately, hair loss can lead to feelings of depression or anxiety for some people. Regardless of what might be causing hair loss, wearing a wig can go a long way toward helping you feel like yourself and restore your confidence.

Wigs can save you time

Are you running late? Trying to get to work on time? Meeting people for happy hour? Wearing a wig can save you tons of time when you are up against the clock—no need to fuss for hours trying to get your hair just right. You can be as spontaneous as you want with a wig and be out the door looking great in minutes!

Call Riviera Hair Replacement To Find Out If Wigs Are Right For You

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