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Patrick’s Day is a Perfect Time to Celebrate Red Hair!

It’s that time of the year again-St. Patrick’s Day is coming! One of the only days of the year where an all-green outfit is both culturally and socially acceptable! Our favorite Irish holiday is around the corner. Grab your ginger friends, your shamrock shirts, and get ready to celebrate!

You might have a closet-full of shamrock shirts, but chances are you probably don’t know anyone who’s a natural redhead. Natural gingers make up less than 2% of the entire global population. And most of them are not in North America. Most natural redheads live in Europe and some parts of Central Asia.

Ten percent of the world’s natural redheads live in Ireland. This is one of the reasons that gingers are almost always associated with all things Irish.

There is much mystery surrounding the redheads of the world – legends, myths, and more. Let’s look at some interesting facts (and fictions?) about redheads in celebration of the coming of St. Patrick’s Day.

What Is So Special About Red Hair?

Red hair is associated with many things: beauty, mystery, strength, power, and even danger. We often see characters in books, movies, and on tv with red hair. These female characters, in particular, tend to be feisty, strong, independent, and maybe a bit wild. Think Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, or Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

In the TV show Game of Thrones, one of the red-haired characters remarks that people in their tribe born with red hair were “kissed by fire.” These red-haired tribespeople are fierce warriors with strong personalities.

According to controversial medieval Jewish tradition, Lilith was a redhead. Who is Lilith? Some historians believe that she was Adam’s first wife who refused to serve him. She allegedly flew off in a demonic rage and returned to the Garden of Eden as the serpent.

Could this be the beginning of the association between redheads and “feisty” or strong-willed behavior? Lilith allegedly wanted to be equal to Adam, which at the beginning of time was apparently a “no-no.”

Do Gingers Have Souls?

Of course! Like many legends or old wives’ tales, the idea that redheads do not have souls—or that they steal someone else’s—can be traced back to ancient history.

Historically, the color red has had ominous implications. In ancient Egypt (yes, they had redheads), gingers were often burned alive in sacrifice to the gods.

The idea that gingers do not have souls may have emerged during a period of the persecution of redheads during the early days of Christianity.

People believed that fire was the domain of the devil. As such, anything red conjured up images and a relationship with the devil. People with red hair were no exception. Religious teachings and peoples’ beliefs during this time resulted in the myth that redheads had no souls or their heads were kissed by the devil. These ideas persisted for centuries.

South Park devoted an entire satirical episode to this topic titled “Ginger Kids.”

What Causes Red Hair?

Red hair is caused by a genetic mutation that stops the body from producing the type of melanin responsible for giving our hair, skin, and eyes certain color. The mutation causes the body to produce a different type of melanin, causing hair to become red and skin to be lighter than the average person.

There is nothing sinister or mystical about it. Red hair is just a genetic accident.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Redheads?

There are quite a lot, apparently! Redheads have many unique characteristics that set them apart from others. Here are some of the things that make redheads special:

  • Redheads must be extra careful in the sun: as a result of their genetic mutation, their lighter skin makes it harder to block dangerous UV rays that cause skin cancer. How many times have you seen a badly sunburned redhead at the beach and thought to yourself, “that must hurt!”
  • Redheads are most likely to be left-handed.
  • Redheads never go gray: their red can fade to a lighter shade but does not turn gray.
  • Redheads have a different pain threshold: studies show that redheads are more tolerant of certain kinds of pain than most other people.
  • Redheads have fewer hair strands: A typical head of red hair has about 90,000 strands. Compare that to a blond who has about 120,000.
  • Redheads have thicker and fuller hair: the strands they do have, tend to be thicker than the average person.
  • Redheads are harder to anesthetize.
  • Some studies show that women with red hair have more sex than women with brown or blonde hair.
  • Redheads are more sensitive to temperature changes.

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