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“Bad Hair Day” Premieres on TLC

The issue of hair loss is getting some extra attention this month. TLC network began airing a new show starring three medical professionals who will try to treat difficult cases of hair loss for several patients throughout the season.

The show, called “Bad Hair Day,” features six episodes and stars Dr. Meena Singh, a dermatologist who works in the Kansas City area, Dr. Isha Lopez, a dermatologist in Houston, and Dr. Angie Phipps, a hair restoration surgeon.

Hair Restoration Doctor Treats Hair Loss on “Bad Hair Day”

Dr. Phipps hails from Raleigh, NC. In an August 2022 article, The News & Observer (N&O) reported on her dedication to hair loss and her hopes for the show.

Dr. Phipps became a hair restoration surgeon after witnessing her father struggle with the “devastating” emotional effects of his hair loss for decades. Dr. Phipps recalls his words to her: “I put you through med school. You better find a way to put hair on my head.” And so, she did.

In her practice, Dr. Phipps sees patients who experience hair loss for various reasons. “Oftentimes, hair loss is a symptom of a medical issue, many times an autoimmune disorder. It can also be a result of burns, male pattern baldness or trichotillomania.”

Some of the show’s patients are not candidates for surgical hair restoration. For example, in one episode, Dr. Phipps is unable to help and refers her patient to a hair replacement specialist to explore alternative, non-surgical solutions to their hair loss.

“Bad Hair Day” Highlights Frequency and Impact of Hair Loss

In the N&O article, Dr. Phipps expressed her hopes for the new show: that it be a “real educational process.” She wants the show to get people talking openly about the frequency and emotional impacts of hair loss.

Hair loss is an unwelcome reality for millions of people who, like Phipps’s father, suffer silently from its effects on their mental health. Phipps wants viewers of “Bad Hair Day” to realize they are “not alone in dealing with hair loss.”

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