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The Norwood Scale of Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness affects most men at some point during their lifetime. It occurs gradually, over time. By their 40s, more than 50% of men already have noticeable, even significant, hair loss. Nearly 17% of men experience moderate to extensive hair loss in their 20s.

Male pattern baldness is diagnosed in stages. A scale, called the Norwood Scale, is what doctors use to demonstrate the phases that male pattern baldness follows. There are seven stages on the Norwood Scale that describe the pattern of hair loss and its severity. According to, the stages of male pattern baldness are:

Stage 1 – At this initial stage, there is little significant hair loss or noticeable recession of the hairline

Stage 2 – At stage 2, men have what is considered a “mature hairline.” This stage is usually characterized by the slight recession of the hairline by the temples.

Stage 3 – Stage 3 is when typical signs of balding become apparent. Men might have a significantly recessed hairline with a very specific shape. The hairline usually looks like an M, V, or U.
Where the hair is recessed, there is little hair on the scalp.

This stage can present itself differently for some men. Some men observe that their hairline remains the same as stage 2, receding a bit around the temples. However, they can see significant hair loss or thinning at the top of the scalp. This pattern is called Stage 3 vertex and begins to resemble what you might call a traditional bald spot.

Stage 4 – At this stage, the hairline continues to recede, and there is little to no hair on the top of the scalp. The areas of hair loss (the receding hairline upfront and the balding spot at the vertex) are separated by the remaining hair that wraps around the entire head like a band.

Stage 5 – Stage 5 is much like stage 4, but more hair loss. The band of remaining hair becomes thinner.

Stage 6 – Here, the balding temples join with the balding vertex. There might be little to no hair at the top of the head.

Stage 7 – This is the most severe hair loss stage. Any hair that remains is usually sparse and fine. The hairband that might remain is just around the side and back of the head and not the top.

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