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The Magic of Hair

Many of us have a complicated relationship with our hair. Think about how your hair affects your life on any given day. Does a “good hair day” affect or reflect your outlook on just about everything else going around you? Does your messy hair correlate with feelings of chaos or a lack of control over events in your life? Is the same old hairstyle indicative of a bigger problem you might be having, such as moving on from something or someone?

Your hair can also trigger emotions and feelings in others. According to Healthline, hair is a barometer by which others often judge your mood, confidence, and esteem. Historically, hair has always portrayed masculinity, health, confidence, and femininity. On the other hand, “bad” hair is often perceived as the result of someone having health problems, a weak personality, or a lack of control.

Are you unhappy with your current hairstyle, color, or texture? Is thinning hair or a receding hairline depressing you? It might be time to call Riviera Hair Replacement. Call our hair replacement specialists to find out how we can design and create the hair you have always wanted. Whether you want the full coverage of a wig or hair integration that maximizes your existing hair, we can ensure you leave here feeling and looking like your best self.

What Good Hair Days Can do For You

What can you do to harness the power of your hair? A new hairstyle can actually improve your mood, boost your confidence, and have a ripple effect that can make just about everything feel a bit better.

It can be intimidating to chop off long locks, try a brand-new color, or embark on an intense hair care routine. Hair replacement allows you to experiment with big changes to your hair with a bit less commitment than you might otherwise need.

For example, a full wig can be any style, color, or texture you feel good about. A wig is a perfect way to completely change your hairstyle and try something brand new. Are you tired of trying to control messy, frizzy curls? Try a straight-style wig. Always wanted to cut your long hair short and try a pixie style? A wig might be a good first step before chopping it all off.

A wig, of course, can also match your existing hair. One of the best parts of wig-wearing is that it frees you from worrying about “bad hair” days. You will only have good hair days with a wig from Riviera Hair Replacement.

Hair integration is another way to provide instant mood-boosting hair improvement. Hair integration uses your natural hair, seamlessly blends it with a fine mesh hair prosthetic, and creates a fuller, thicker-looking head of hair. It can be a perfect way to reduce visible hair thinning or balding, making you feel and look more confident. Hair integration can provide months and months of easy, comfortable, undetectable, thicker-looking hair.

Imagine the difference in your life when every day is a good hair day!

Call Riviera Hair Replacement for a Free Consultation

If you are experiencing thinning hair, pattern baldness, or just want to ensure that all days are good hair days, call Riviera Hair Replacement. Call us at 516-364-0110 to schedule a free consultation with one of our hair replacement specialists.

Let us help find you the hair that can project and promote happiness and confidence. Call Riviera Hair Replacement today.