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Why Mesh Hair Integration Can Be An Excellent Solution to the Problems Caused By Thinning Hair

Everyone experiences hair thinning or hair loss at some point in their lives. Men, women, and even teenagers can have cycles of excessive hair shedding or conditions or circumstances that result in different patterns or patches of thinness or baldness.

Various factors cause hair loss, and people react differently to their own personal hair loss. For many people, losing hair takes a toll on their confidence and self-esteem, causing insecurity that can interfere with everyday life.

Luckily, many men and women experiencing hair loss can get help. There are different types of non-surgical hair replacement systems that can cover your natural hair entirely, such as wigs.
Alternatively, you can consider a custom mesh integration system. Mesh integration is undetectable, can maximize your hair, and result in an entire scalp of hair that looks full and natural.

Here, we will look at some causes of hair thinning the adverse effects hair loss can have on people experiencing it. We will also explain how hair integration works and why it might be a perfect solution for you.

What Causes Hair Loss and Thinning Hair in Women and Men?

There are many reasons men and women experience hair loss or hair thinning. Hair loss can result from:

  • an autoimmune disease
  • chemotherapy or radiation to treat cancer
  • alopecia areata
  • stress
  • pattern baldness
  • hormonal changes
  • dermatitis of the scalp
  • trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder)
  • trauma
  • an illness

Why you are experiencing thinning hair can affect the hair replacement solutions you investigate. For example, if your hair loss results from a medical condition, it might be important to speak to a medical professional about the appropriate treatment. Your doctor might propose solutions specific to your situation and recommend medical ways to improve your scalp or hair’s appearance.

If your hair thinning is from chemotherapy treatments or other drugs, you might decide that a full wig is best because you will likely shed all of your natural hair. Your hair will grow back after the end of your treatments.

Hair integration is something to explore when you want to maximize your existing hair and add volume or fullness to thin or bald areas around your scalp.

How Does A Mesh Hair Integration System Work?

A hair integration system is a custom-made, undetectable mesh prosthetic specifically designed to attach seamlessly to your scalp. Unlike a wig, it does not cover your hair. Your natural hair covers it – the mesh sits extremely close to the scalp.

The mesh uses synthetic or human hair that matches your own hair’s texture, color, and style. It is attached to your scalp and integrates with your own hair, the strands of which get pulled through the fine mesh. Your own hair and the hair attached to the custom-made mesh piece thoroughly blend together. The result is fuller-looking hair that looks completely natural.

Mesh integration requires a consultation with an expert to measure, fit, and design the system. This is because the mesh must be prepared to your head’s unique dimensions to ensure you have a secure attachment. You also want to make sure you get a good color, style, and texture match.

What Are The Benefits of Selecting a Mesh Hair Integration System?

Hair loss is not easy. It does not feel good to find strands of hair on your pillow or find that the hair around your part is thinner than it used to be.

There can be a lot of uncertainty surrounding hair loss. Could it get worse? Is something wrong with me, like a medical condition? Why don’t I have normal hair?

We are all under pressure to maintain a certain appearance. Fairly or not, how we wear or style our hair is a big part of how we show ourselves to the world and the world’s perception of us.

Because of this pressure on appearance, hair thinning, especially for women, can drastically affect self-esteem. It can cause a serious loss of confidence, depression, and withdrawal from everyday life. It doesn’t have to.

Seeking a solution like hair integration can restore your self-esteem and provide you with the hair you want. Integration maximized the hair on your head to create a fuller, completely natural-looking scalp. What are some other benefits of mesh hair integration?

  • hair integration is undetectable
  • hair integration is one of the most low-maintenance methods of hair replacement
  • it’s a perfect solution for women and men who are experiencing hair thinning but want to make the most of the hair they have on their heads.
  • provides the hair you want with minimal stress, fuss, or mess
  • restores self-esteem and confidence. You can feel like yourself: proud of your appearance.
  • it’s easy to manage. You can wash, style, or blow-dry your hair as normal
  • hair integration is undetectable
  • mesh hair integration is lightweight and breathable

These are just some reasons you can benefit from wearing a custom-designed and created mesh hair integration system. Restore your self-confidence and feel like yourself again and schedule a consultation to discuss the hair replacement solution that is right for you.

Call Riviera Hair Replacement To Learn More About How Mesh Hair Integration Can Help You Have the Hair You Want

At Riviera Hair Replacement, we take pride in helping men and women find the hair replacement system that meets their needs and suit their lifestyles. You tell us your goal, and we can design and create the hair replacement that can help you meet it.

Whether you want to explore wearing a wig or find out if mesh hair replacement is the right solution, we can help. Some questions to consider are:

What is causing your hair loss? Is your hair thinning due to stress or a medical condition? Do you want to maximize your existing hair? Do you want a hair system that low maintenance? Is it important to you that no one knows you are wearing a prosthetic?

At Riviera, we can ensure that you leave here looking and feeling your best, whatever hair replacement you choose. When you are wearing a wig, extensions, or a mesh hair integration, we want you to feel better than “normal.” We want you to feel completely confident.

Call us today at 516-364-0110 to schedule your free consultation. The sooner you call, the sooner you can begin the process of having the hair you have always wanted.