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Riviera Hair Replacement Shares Facts About Hair

As we have said before, at Riviera Hair Replacement, we take hair and hair replacement seriously. It is our job to ensure our clients leave here feeling and looking confident with the custom hair replacement they select.

If you are thinking about hair replacement because you are anticipating hair loss from cancer treatment, experiencing pattern baldness, want to revamp your style or enjoy the ease of wig-wearing, call Riviera to schedule a free consultation.

We look forward to helping you meet your hair goals. For now, we share with you some (more!) fun and interesting facts about hair.


Ten More Fun Hair Facts From Riviera Hair Replacement

1. The percentage of people around the globe with naturally blonde hair is only 2%. Fun fact – In the US, 35% of female senators are blonde and nearly half of the very small number of female CEOs of S & P 500 companies are blonde, though not necessarily naturally!

2. The most common hair color in the world is black, followed by brown in second place.

3. According to the Washington Post, in 1990 only about 35% of women in the US colored their hair. In 2000 that number was close to 50%. In 2015, there were reports that approximately 70% of women in the US use hair-coloring products. Some estimates put that number in 2022 at closer to 75%.

4. In ancient times, some women used pigeon poop to color their hair.

5. There are five basic elements in a strand of hair. They are:

  • Carbon
  • Hydrogen
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Sulfur

6. The hair root has five basic structures. They are:

  • Hair follicle
  • Hair bulb
  • Dermal papilla
  • Arrector pili muscle
  • Sebaceous glands

7. People of different ethnic origins can have different shaped hair strands like oval, round or flat.

8. You can tell from testing a single strand of hair what has been flowing through your body during prior months including opioids, marijuana, and cocaine.

9. You are born with all of your hair follicles. The average number of hair follicles on a human body is five million.

10. The fastest growing hair on the body is on the face – of men and women!

Now that you know so much about hair, call Riviera Hair Replacement to discuss your hair replacement needs. Whether you want to explore the ease and versatility of full wigs or are interested in maximizing the hair you have with partial integration, look no further than Riviera Hair Replacement.


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