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Riviera Hair Replacement Can Help When Menopause Wreaks Havoc on Your Hair

Ah. Menopause. Because Women Don’t Have Enough to Go Through

We get to spend decades dealing with cramps, bloating, breast tenderness, and mood swings. Some of us look forward to the day (the year?) when our periods stop coming. We think to ourselves, “Won’t it be nice not to worry about birth control?” or “Won’t it be a relief not to have to feel so awful every month?”

Guess what? It might get worse before it gets better. But it will get better!

For those who don’t know this, menopause brings on physical changes, strange feelings, and new things to complain about! You are winding down your monthly cycle, but you are embarking on a whole new daily one, one that might leave you confused, annoyed, sad, tired, and, at times, very, VERY, HOT!

Menopause means that your hormones are changing. This can result in a wide variety of emotional changes. But, it also means that physical changes can occur as well; not all of them welcome. Let’s take a look at some of the “blessings” of menopause to look forward to:

Weight gain – (always fun!) You might find that you gain weight during menopause even though you have not changed your eating habits or exercise routine. Your weekly slice of pizza is now going to become the meal reserved strictly for Mother’s Day or your birthday. You may say things like “Whose body is this?” and “When did this happen?”

Hair loss – Hormonal changes during menopause often result in the thinning of your hair. Sound good? Maybe if the hair was thinning on your legs, your bikini area, or your upper lip!

Unfortunately, this is not the case. During menopause, many women begin gradually losing the hair on their heads (while gaining a few hairs on the chin!). Your once beautiful locks may slowly recede, become dull, and even change texture as it thins.

Hot flashes – Menopause also causes the infamous hot flash. You might have one a day or one a minute. Prepare to sweat, change your pajamas frequently, and fight the feeling that you will combust!

Doing What You Can to Ease the Symptoms of Menopause

It is important to keep your sense of humor when it comes to menopause. However, these side effects don’t always feel like a joke when you are going through them. Luckily, there are things you can do to ease, if not eliminate, some of these symptoms of menopause, and get back to looking and feeling like yourself again.

For example, eating right, reducing stress, staying hydrated, and exercising can help your body and your mind fight some of the most difficult parts of menopause, such as weight gain and hot flashes.

As for the hair thinning that might come with menopause, eating a diet rich in fatty acids, and avoiding heat stylers, can help keep your hair at its best. You might also consider consulting with Riviera Hair Replacement to find out how we can help you treat your hair loss. What better way to combat the signs of menopause than stepping out looking and feeling like your best?

Contact Riviera Hair Replacement For Your Free Consultation

At Riviera Hair Replacement, we offer free consultations to clients experiencing hair loss. Whether your hair loss is from menopause, cancer treatments, or another reason, we have a hair replacement solution for you. Our team takes pride in helping women and men look and feel their best. Our clients leave feeling like themselves – confident and beautiful!

Call us today to schedule a free hair loss consultation. You can reach Riviera Hair Replacement at 516-364-0110.

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