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Riviera Hair Replacement Shares Some Ways to Support Women Facing Hair Loss From Cancer Treatments

If you have a friend with cancer, you know that hair loss is often a side effect of treatment. Unfortunately, the same medicine that attacks cancer cells attacks hair follicles, causing hair to fall out. Some people can experience total hair loss. Others might have all-around hair-thinning. Still, others might find that their hair loss is inconsistent and patchy.

Regardless of the type of hair loss that occurs from cancer treatments, it can have serious emotional effects on men and women. Women especially can suffer deep depression when hair loss occurs. Our culture places tremendous value on hair, especially for women. Hair can evoke the characteristics of strength, beauty, success, and more. Hair loss can be a source of extreme anxiety and sadness for women when they are facing cancer.

Thankfully there are solutions to hair loss. At Riviera Hair Replacement, our compassionate team works with clients experiencing hair loss to help find the hair replacement solution that helps everyone look and feel their best. If you have a friend, who is experiencing hair loss because of cancer treatments, call Riviera Hair Replacement to schedule a free consultation.

If You Have a Friend Experiencing Hair Loss Because of Cancer, Your Support is Critical

Many of our clients come to Riviera Hair Replacement after they receive a cancer diagnosis. Many more come because a supportive friend or relative suggested they prepare for hair loss by having a consultation with one of our hair loss experts before it starts. For many women, having a plan in place to implement when hair-loss begins eases much of their anxiety.

There are many ways to support a woman who is expecting to experience hair loss because of chemotherapy. Some of these include:

  1. Recommend resources for hair loss replacement.
  2. Accompany her to appointments with hair loss professionals.
  3. Provide empathy and understanding, acknowledge that her sadness and grief over her hair loss is real.
  4. Don’t say, “It will grow back!” It might take a long time to grow back. It might grow back in between treatments and fall out again. When it does grow back, it might not be the same as it used to be. Hair regrowth after chemo can be a different texture and/or color and can take time to return to its prior length.
  5. Ask your friend how she feels about her hair loss and let her talk about it without judgment.

There is no single way to show your support for women experiencing hair loss because of chemotherapy. Listening, showing compassion, and understanding the depth of their sadness are some great ways to help. Riviera Hair Replacement does all this and more.

Call Riviera Hair Replacement, Offering Hair Loss Solutions for Women with Cancer

Whether you or a friend are facing hair loss because of chemotherapy, call Riviera Hair Replacement to find out how we can help. Schedule a free hair loss consultation by calling 516-364-0110.

At Riviera Hair Replacement you will find compassionate, patient, skilled hair loss professionals who can help you design a solution that is right for you. We work hard to ensure you select the hair replacement solution that leaves you feeling and looking confident and beautiful! Call us today.


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