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Summer Hair Care Advice From Riviera Hair Replacement

At Riviera Hair Replacement, we strive to help clients find hair replacement solutions when they experience hair loss or thinning and want the convenience and comfort of a wig. Some clients might be losing hair from chemotherapy, and others might be battling a hairpulling disorder. People come to us to cover up damaged locks, give their hair a chance to rest, or supplement their scalp with healthy-looking integration pieces.

Whether you are a candidate for hair replacement or not, we want you to understand that maintaining the health of your existing hair and scalp should be an important part of your routine. With summer coming soon, now is a perfect time for us to share information with you about ways to help keep your hair strong and your scalp safe.

How to Keep Your Hair and Scalp in Good Condition During the Summer

Summer is the season to have fun in the sun! Whether you are a fan of lounging on the beach, swimming laps in the pool, or hiking mountain trails, you are sure to spend a lot of time outdoors as the weather warms up. Your hair and scalp will get exposed to the sun’s rays, pool chemicals, and other things that can cause damage.

Here are some things you might try to help keep your hair and scalp healthy and safe this summer:

Keep things covered
Covering your scalp and hair with a hat or scarf protects them from damaging sun rays, excessive dryness, and tangles from the wind. However, even if you cover your head, you should still use sunscreen on your scalp!

Limit shampooing
Frequent hair washing can strip it of important oils it needs to stay moist and healthy. Try simply rinsing your hair instead of using shampoo. You can try a dry shampoo or a bit of cornstarch on the scalp to help in between washes.

Stay away from heat stylers
Summer is a perfect time to dry and style your hair naturally. Your hair will receive enough exposure to heat from the sun. Try to avoid the blow dryer and flat irons.

Deep condition
Consider a deep moisture conditioner or hair mask once a week during the summer. Even a homemade mask of coconut oil can provide shine and moisture – especially if you have curls. You can also try doing a hot oil treatment using coconut oil, avocado oil, or olive oil.

Use a wide-tooth comb
Wet hair is the most prone to breaking, so avoid brushing or combing it if you can. If you do want to detangle, be sure to use a wide-tooth comb.
It is the gentlest way to run through your strands. Do not use a brush to detangle.

Put sunscreen on your hair
You can add some extra UV protection to your hair by giving it some sunscreen. You don’t have to douse it or spray it vigorously with SPF 50.
Instead, after applying sunscreen lotion to your body, rub your hands lightly through your hair. The excess sunscreen in your hands will provide some protection to your locks.

Chlorine, saltwater, and heat can cause damage to your hair and scalp. Keeping your head covered, treating hair gently, and taking steps to add and preserve moisture can go a long way toward getting your hair through the summer without breaking or dulling.

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