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Influencer Shares Her Experience With Alopecia Areata

When social media makes you feel like image is everything, one woman is reminding the world that everything is not always as it appears. Following a recent trend of sharing “glow-ups,” Robyn Germyn posted a video with a bold image of her experience with alopecia areata. The video has gone viral and reminded many people out there they are not alone and they should not feel shame.

At Riviera Hair Replacement, we have experience helping men and women through their experience with alopecia areata. Many people with alopecia come to us seeking hair replacement, whether it is to ask about hair integration or find the perfect full coverage wig. Our hair replacement specialists are discreet, compassionate, and professional and take pride in the work we do. Our goal is to ensure that you leave here feeling confident and comfortable!

What is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition that results in hair loss in random patches on the scalp or other parts of the body. Approximately 2 percent of the population is affected by alopecia areata at some time during their life. Like many with autoimmune disorders, people with alopecia areata can experience “flares” when their hair loss is severe and periods when the condition has little to no effect on them.

Hair loss from alopecia areata can be very distressing for those who experience it because of the empty spaces left in its wake. Unfortunately, these bald patches of hair can be a source of anxiety, depression, and stress. The psychological effects of alopecia areata can have an adverse effect on your immune system, which might perpetuate hair loss.

More Than One Million People Watch Video of Model’s Alopecia Areata “Reveal”

Germyn, who is a model, actress, and activist, has been candid about her alopecia areata for years. She has been a staunch advocate of redefining “beauty” standards in industries that place unrealistic expectations on women to look a certain way.

In her “glow-up” video from February 2021, Germyn seemingly flipped the trend on its head. Most glow-up videos show the transformation of someone going from “ordinary” to “glamourous” or from “ugly” to “gorgeous.” Think about all of the posts you see of celebrities getting ready for an awards show.

Germyn started her glow up, looking stunning with her long hair flowing in a perfect cascade of waves. She then knocks on the camera lens and transforms into her “natural” self by removing her wig and revealing her hair- empty patches and all. She then looks right into the camera, cocks her head, and flashes a beautiful smile, reminding viewers, “In this social media world that pushes us to always be so perfectly put together, remember that it’s OK to not be as well. You are just as worthy and beautiful both ways!”

You can see Robyn’s Instagram post here

The response to her video has been overwhelming, with many people, especially women, thanking her for being so candid and reminding them that they are not alone on their hair loss journey. Germyn received messages of support, thanks, and appreciation, along with stories from others experiencing alopecia areata.

Call Riviera Hair Replacement if You Have Alopecia Areata

At Riviera Hair Replacement, we understand that everyone reacts differently to their experience with alopecia areata. We hope that Robyn’s video and years of activism help people feel empowered to discuss their hair loss journeys and be true to themselves, without fear, judgment, or shame.

If you are experiencing alopecia areata and would like hair replacement to be part of your journey, call Riviera Hair Replacement today to schedule a free consultation. We offer compassionate, professional, high-quality hair replacement services that fit your lifestyle and your personal goals. Call us today at 516-364-0110.