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Riviera Hair Replacement Helps Women With Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

At Riviera Hair Replacement, we help all clients who come to us with a variety of hair loss concerns.

Some people come because they are experiencing hair loss caused by chemotherapy. Others come because their hair is thinning due to pattern baldness. We have clients with hair-pulling disorders, hair loss from Covid-19, and clients who have hair replacement needs related to their gender identities.

We also serve clients who are experiencing hair loss relating to hormonal changes, especially post-pregnancy. Hair loss after pregnancy is not uncommon and is usually not permanent. For some women, however, post-pregnancy hair loss is an unwelcome obstacle to “feeling like themselves again” after having a baby.

If you are experiencing post-pregnancy hair loss or thinning and want to explore the full coverage of a wig or partial hair integration, call Riviera Hair Replacement at 516-364-0110.
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What Is Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss?

According to doctors, post-pregnancy hair loss is nothing more than a case of telogen effluvium or excessive hair shedding. Hair has a natural growing and shedding cycle that can change based on various factors.

One of those factors is hormones.

During pregnancy, hair tends to be fuller because of increased hormones. The hormones cause your hair to remain in the growth stage longer, and you shed far less than you would under ordinary circumstances.

After giving birth, a woman’s elevated estrogen levels fall significantly, pushing the hair into its resting phase resulting in excessive shedding.

How Long Does Post-Partum Hair Loss Last?

Post-pregnancy hair loss tends to peak about four months after giving birth. Typically, a mom’s hair returns to pre-pregnancy conditions within a year of giving birth. If not, there might be other reasons for the hair loss, and seeing a dermatologist or doctor might be a good idea.

What Can You Do About Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss?

Being patient might be the best thing to do after post-pregnancy hair loss. Chances are, your hair will return to its natural growth and shedding cycle.
But, if you are unhappy or uncomfortable with the way your hair looks during this phase, you can consider a few options:

  • a shorter haircut
  • a new, dimensional hair color
  • volumizing products or lightweight hair products
  • hair integration
  • a wig

Speaking to professionals about your hair loss and potential solutions can help you find the one that can work best for you.

Call Riviera Hair Replacement For A Free Consultation

Unfortunately, hair loss after pregnancy can exacerbate postpartum blues and depression. Taking steps to look your best can restore your confidence and help you feel like yourself again. Whether you want to maximize the hair you have with hair integration or explore wearing a full-coverage wig; Riviera can help.

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