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Hair Loss is No One’s Favorite Topic of Conversation

Hair loss is not something that men or women like to talk about.

For women, there is the perception that pattern baldness only happens to men. Women sometimes feel a sense of shame or embarrassment when they experience hair thinning or a receding hairline. However, the truth is that almost two-thirds of post-menopausal women will have some hair thinning.

Yet, you don’t hear many people talking about it. Maybe it’s because pattern baldness occurs mostly in “older” women. Some women might feel like they are past their prime, “over the hill,” and hair loss is just another cruel reminder of this. Societal expectations (or lack of expectations) can also play a role in these feelings.

Women might not talk openly about hair loss, but many will seek out hair replacement options such as a wig or partial hairpiece. Many of our clients at Riviera Hair Replacement, for example, are women experiencing pattern baldness. We are proud to provide them with discreet, professional services as we design and create hair replacement solutions that restore their confidence.

Unlike pattern baldness in women, pattern baldness in men often begins smack in the middle of their prime years, which creates a slew of reasons they don’t want to discuss it.

Why Don’t Men Talk About Pattern Baldness?

Men don’t talk about hair loss for many of the same reasons they don’t talk about many things!
Pride, ego, insecurity, and societal perceptions of “masculinity” all play a role in why men decline to discuss their feelings about hair loss and other issues.

Is it strange that men don’t talk about something that happens to almost all of them? Male pattern baldness begins to strike most men sometime around 25 and “gets real” about five to seven years later. Two-thirds of all men will have experienced some degree of hair thinning by the time they are 35. Ironically, men begin to experience hair thinning just when they are hitting their “manliness” stride.

Research shows that most men are at their physical peak-in good health and in good shape- during their mid to late 20s. They are also starting to become solid earners and achieve some financial success, especially as they enter their 30s. Many men during these years are buying cars, dating, spending time with friends, traveling, and reaping the rewards of years of studying or working hard.

A receding hairline or the beginnings of a bald spot can bring all of this to a screeching halt, at least emotionally. Male pattern often begins when things are just starting to get good for many men. It is a swift and unwelcome reminder for some that they are getting older, perhaps less attractive, and less “masculine.” It is not necessarily the loss of hair itself that troubles many men. Instead, they are troubled by the way they think people will perceive them. Many men who are experiencing pattern baldness at all stages might think:

  • No one will want to have sex with me, even my current partner.
  • I am unattractive
  • I am supposed to “suck it up” like a “real man.”
  • This is not really happening to me.
  • I am getting older and more mature, ugh.

The truth is that many men are experiencing the exact same thoughts and feelings. An open dialogue could benefit everyone and help men to process and cope with pattern balding or hair thinning. Discussing hair loss can also bring to the forefront what, if anything, men are doing to help themselves feel better about their situations. For example, some men might choose to shave their heads completely. Others might seek out hair replacement solutions to either maximize the hair they have or replace it with a full hair prosthetic.

Men and Women Experiencing Pattern Baldness Call Riviera Hair Replacement for Help- We Like Talking About Hair Loss

At Riviera Hair Replacement, we offer solutions for men and women experiencing all types of hair loss and thinning. Do you have pattern baldness? Are you experiencing alopecia? Will you have hair loss because of chemotherapy?

Whatever the cause of your hair loss, Riviera Hair Replacement can work with you to design and create a hair replacement solution that is right for you – one that will leave you feeling and looking confident.

Our team is discreet.

We understand that it is not always easy to come to terms with hair loss. We have had many difficult conversations with clients over the years and have become their trusted partners. We welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.

Call Riviera Hair Replacement today at 516-364-0110 to schedule your free consultation. You will be glad you did.