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Jada Pinkett Smith Puts Spotlight on Alopecia

Actor Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock at the Oscar Awards, did more than shock viewers. When Rock commented on Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head, and Smith smacked him on stage, it sparked important conversations about hair loss from alopecia areata.

Pinkett Smith has been very vocal about her hair loss struggles. She has been addressing her alopecia for years. In 2018, she described how it started by saying, “I was in the shower one day and had just handfuls of hair in my hands, and I was just like, oh my god, am I going bald?”

After struggling with her hair loss for so long, Pinkett Smith made a decision. In 2021, she decided to shave her head completely when a new patch of hair loss developed across the top center of her scalp. With the help of her daughter Willow, Pinkett Smith decided it was “time to let go” of the shame and embarrassment of her alopecia.

What Is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease. Your body mistakes your hair follicles because it thinks they contain “bad” cells. When this occurs, hair tends to fall out in patches from the scalp, although hair loss from alopecia can occur anywhere on the body where there is typically hair growth.

Some people lose hair in many patches, others just one or two. For some people, the hair grows back, and for others, it is gone for good.
According to Web MD, these are the typical signs of alopecia:

  • Small hairless patches on your scalp or other body parts
  • Patches might start small and grow into one another to form more prominent spots of hairlessness
  • A lot of hair falls out in a short time
  • Hair grows back in one area and falls out in another spot
  • An increase in hair loss when it is cold
  • Brittle, red, pitted toenails and fingernails

Are There Treatments For Alopecia?

There is no known cure for alopecia areata, but there are available treatments that can help some people. Oral steroids, steroid injections, and topical steroids might help hair grow back. Unfortunately, these treatments can take a long time to produce any results.
They can also cause unwanted, unpleasant side effects and require a serious commitment.

Our immune systems can be triggered by various things, including anxiety and stress. Some medical experts suggest that reducing stress might also help curb the effects of alopecia areata or prevent “flare-ups.”

Unfortunately, people with alopecia areata often feel stress and anxiety directly related to their condition. People can experience (unnecessary) shame and embarrassment related to their hair loss. It is critical to find ways to cope with alopecia areata to alleviate some of the stress which can contribute to hair loss.

People with alopecia often find that scarves and hats can help. Wigs, in particular, can be an excellent way to look and feel “like yourself” when you have alopecia areata. Finding a wig that closely resembles your natural hair or selecting multiple wigs that allow you to change your look can quickly and easily restore your confidence.

Pinkett Smith Receives Praise For Her Positivity

After years of struggling with alopecia, Pinkett Smith now proudly displays her shaved head. She walks with confidence and dignity and has received praise for her positivity and honesty.

Shaving your head might not be the right solution for everyone. But, Pinkett Smith’s attitude is one to learn from. Accepting that alopecia is part of your life, speaking openly about it, and letting go of any shame or embarrassment you might experience can work wonders for your body and soul.

How to treat your alopecia areata is a personal decision, but talking about it can be an essential step on your road to feeling like yourself again.

As Pinkett Smith told her fans, “Me and this alopecia are going to be friends…period!.”

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