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Are You Worried About Damage to Your Hair? Call Riviera Hair Replacement

At Rivera Hair Replacement we provide solutions for hair loss that occurs for various reasons: pattern baldness, cancer treatments, covid-19, hair pulling disorder, hormonal changes and more. We design and create full-coverage wigs as well as hair integration prosthetics.

Regardless of the hair replacement system you choose, it is important to pay some attention to any natural hair you have. You should do what it takes to ensure it remains healthy and strong.

How do you know what healthy hair looks like? How can you tell if your strands are strong? There are often signs that your hair is suffering from dehydration, heat damage, or other “unhealthy” issues. If you can recognize the problems, you can take steps to restore your hair to better health.

Here are some tips to help determine if your hair is in good shape or needs some extra TLC.



Pay attention to how much hair comes out in the shower or on your hairbrush. The average person loses about 80-100 strands of hair each day. Shedding this amount is not cause for alarm-it is a sign of normal, healthy hair shedding.



The healthiest hair feels smooth in texture. Unhealthy hair tends to feel brittle, dry, or stiff. If it is, you probably need to moisturize your hair.



Dandruff can be a sign of poor scalp health which can adversely affect your hair. A healthy scalp should look like the rest of your skin- similar in pigment to your face and have no redness, discoloration, peeling, or flaking.



Shedding and breaking are not the same. If your hair is breaking mid-strand, this is a sign of unhealthy hair. It indicates a lack of moisture. Healthy hair has a nice amount of elasticity.



Healthy hair tends to be shiny, even without product like oil or creme. When hair is healthy, the cuticle lays flat and creates a good surface to reflect light. Hair that does not shine and looks dull is not the healthiest.


Call Riviera Hair Replacement

Is your hair damaged? Does it need a rest from styling, coloring, and other processing?

Is the damage causing excessive shedding leaving you with thinning hair?? Is your hair looking bad because it is breaking?

If you are feeling dissatisfied with the hair you have or are experiencing hair loss or thinning, call Riviera Hair Replacement. We can design and create a partial hair integration or full coverage wig to make you feel and look your best. Treat yourself to a free consultation with the hair replacement professionals at Riviera Hair Replacement.

Call us today at 516-364-0110 to get started. You will be glad you did!