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Is Hair Integration the Best Hair Replacement for Women?

Women experience hair loss for various reasons. Medical conditions like alopecia or thyroid disease can result in hair loss, as can things like menopause or stress. No matter the cause of hair thinning, it can adversely affect your confidence, mental health, and relationships.

For women who are feeling down about their thinning hair, mesh integration might be the solution. Hair integration is touted by many as being the best hair replacement for women experiencing temporary or ongoing hair thinning or balding patches.

Call Riviera Hair Replacement at 516-364-0110 for a free consultation. Let us design and create the hair replacement that works for you. We want you and all our clients to leave here looking and feeling like your confident self. For many women, the right solution is hair integration.

How Does Mesh Integration Work?

Mesh integration is often a perfect solution for women with patches of baldness caused by hair loss or even just having super-fine hair. It can also be used to increase your hair’s volume around the crown of your head. It involves a custom-made, lightweight, breathable piece of mesh that incorporates hair from an external source and weaves it in with your own.

The mesh fits tightly to the scalp for a seamless, undetectable, and comfortable hair prosthetic. It can be styled and cut as you like, and you can wash it and treat it as you normally would.

Your mesh integration piece should remain in place for several months with little to no special attention. After that, you will need to do some maintenance to ensure the fit remains seamless and undetectable.

The True Benefits of Hair Integration

Hair integration has wonderful benefits for the women who choose this as their hair replacement system. Restored confidence is perhaps the greatest benefit, one that can impact every area of your life.

What are some of the other benefits of hair integration?

  • It is custom-made to fit you and your scalp in a way that makes the mesh undetectable
  • It looks completely natural as it seamlessly integrates your natural hair with “other” hair
  • You can style, wash, and brush your hair as you normally would
  • It is a solution with long-lasting results and, with proper care and maintenance, can last up to one year.

Whether you are looking for additional volume around the crown or want to fill in patches of thinning or balding hair, mesh integration might be the perfect solution.

Call Riviera Hair Replacement for a Free Consultation

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We will discuss your hair loss concerns, assess your needs, and determine the best hair replacement solution that fits your lifestyle and goals. Whether you choose a mesh hair integration system or a full coverage wig, we can ensure that you leave here looking and feeling confident!