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Riviera Hair Replacement Offers a Vast Selection of Options to Clients Across Long Island

Losing your hair is nothing to joke about. It can be seriously traumatic to suffer from thinning hair or balding. Whether you are losing your hair from chemo, stress, hormones, or genetics, it can make you feel sad, insecure, and depressed.

There are solutions to your hair loss, and Riviera Hair Replacement is one of them. We help clients find the right hair replacement solution, one uniquely suited for them and tailored to their needs.

Our team is experienced, discreet, and compassionate. We take tremendous pride in helping clients feel like themselves again – confident and beautiful. Call Riviera Hair Replacement at 516-364-0110 to find out more about our hair replacement solutions.

Weird Wig Facts: Just for Fun

We are here for one purpose; to find the right wig or other hair replacement solution for you. We know wigs. We know hair loss. We know how to help you.

However, not all hair replacement talk needs to be official business, right? Here, we will share some interesting (and weird) facts about wigs!

  • Did you know that the birth of wigs can be traced back to Ancient Egypt? Women and men shaved their heads to cope with the desert heat. The wigs people wore were reflections of their wealth and class.
  • The ancient Egyptians used beeswax and scented oils to keep their wigs smelling fresh and secure on their heads.
  • Queen Elizabeth I had more than 150 wigs.
  • The term “bigwig” came from literal big wigs. Seriously. During the time of Louis XIV, wigs were a status symbol worn by men and women. The wealthier you were, the bigger your wig. The bigger, the better. Thus, the birth of the “bigwig.”
  • One of Andy Warhol’s fright wigs sold for over $10,000 at auction.
  • At many points in history, men wore wigs far more than women did.
  • Mozart allegedly wore his wig and styled it to hide his deformed left ear.
  • The word wig is derived from the French word “perruque.” Perruque translated into English as “periwig.” In the mid-1600s, people began shortening periwig to “wig.”
  • British barristers still wear wigs today as a sign of respect, a tradition dating back centuries.
  • You can buy a wig for your dog in a vending machine in Japan.
  • Marie Antoinette had wigs styled with elaborate designs, including boats and birds.
  • There is no clear origin of the phrase “flip your wig,” which means to lose control or get extremely agitated or excited.

We hope you enjoyed these fun-facts about wigs! Perhaps the realization that people have been wearing wigs for centuries makes the prospect more interesting or less daunting. If you are experiencing hair loss, we hope you know that a custom wig from Riviera Hair Replacement might be the perfect solution for you.

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