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Interesting and Fun Hair Facts Can Help You Understand Hair Loss

It is important to recognize that you are not alone in your experience with hair loss and hair thinning, although it might feel like it. Millions of men and women are experiencing the same thing.

They say that “knowledge is power.” Arming yourself with knowledge about hair might be a productive way to help you understand what you are experiencing and take some control. Remember that you are in the company of so many others who truly know what you are going through.

Here, we share some interesting and fun facts that can help you feel and sound like an expert in all things hair-related!

Hair has its own muscle called the arrector pili. This muscle contracts when you get cold and is what causes goosebumps to appear. The arrector pili can also contract when you are afraid or angry, which is why your hair can be “standing on end.”

Eyebrows and eyelashes serve an essential purpose. They are like gutters that you put on your house to prevent rain from pouring down all over the place. Eyebrows and eyelashes keep water from seeping into our eyes. Evolutionary gutters!

The average scalp has 1,000 hairs per square inch. The average person has about 90-120 thousand hairs growing on their scalp. (additional fun fact – this means the average scalp is between 90-120 square inches).

Of all hair colors, Blondes have the greatest number of hairs on their head. But, Blond hair is finer than the other colors.

Redheads have the least amount of individual hairs, but it is tough to tell because the strands are coarser than the other colors.

Human hair is the strongest natural fiber. The coarser the hair, the stronger it is. A single strand of hair can be stronger than a similarly sized piece of copper wire.

People with thick hair don’t have more hair follicles on their heads; they just have more hairs growing out of each one. A single hair follicle can produce multiple strands simultaneously, all in different phases of the growth cycle.

Like eyebrows and eyelashes, underarm and pubic hair serve essential functions. They prevent chafing and affect the spread and retention of hormonal secretions that come with puberty and sexual maturity.

There is no single reason people experience hair loss. There are actually dozens of reasons people experience hair loss and thinning. Some of the main culprits include pattern baldness, illness, medication, chemotherapy, radiation, hair-pulling disorders, hormones, and stress.

Hair does not need air to “breathe.” Hair gets oxygen from your body, where it is attached to your scalp. Wearing hats, wigs, scarves, or other hair dressings does not suffocate your hair.
They can only cause damage such as breakage (not suffocation) from being too tight or ill-fitting.

Second, only to bone-marrow, hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body.

When a strand of hair is wet, it can stretch an additional 30%.

Five years is the average life span of a single hair.

You shed an average of 100 hairs every day.

Nearly 95% of our skin is covered in hair follicles. The soles of your feet, palms of your hands, and lips are some of the only spots on the body that do not have hair follicles.

A single hair can support more than 6 pounds of weight.
That means an entire head of hair can support nearly 2 tons!

Half of all men have male pattern baldness by age 50.

Forty percent of all women have female pattern hair loss by the time they experience menopause.

It takes the average person three years to “grow out” their hair to their shoulders and seven years to grow it to their waist.

Scientists can use hair to detect nearly everything in a person’s bloodstream, including alcohol, drugs, and vitamins. You can’t determine a person’s gender by hair unless you extract DNA. You also can’t determine someone’s exact age from hair – only if they are very young or elderly.

Black is the most common hair color in the world. The color red is the least common-only 1% of the population has red hair. Only 2% of people have blonde hair.

Hair absorbs oil. Because of its natural oil-absorbing qualities, human hair has been used to help clean up oil spills.

Did you know these fun facts about hair? Did you learn something new? Either way, we hope you can take this information and use it to your advantage, whether it is impressing your friends or taking a step toward addressing the issue of hair loss.

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