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Facts About Post-Partum Hair Loss

Having a baby is a time filled with complex emotions for many parents. Feelings of love, joy, and excitement are often mixed with feelings of exhaustion, anxiety, and stress.

New moms must also deal with physical changes to their bodies. Baby weight, stretch marks, and pain from delivery are some of these changes. But one specific change can come as a surprise. Did you know that many women experience post-partum hair loss after giving birth?

Let’s look at some facts about post-partum hair loss.

What is Post-Partum Hair Loss?

Post-partum hair loss is characterized by losing hair from your scalp after giving birth. This type of hair loss usually becomes apparent about three months after delivering a baby.

What Causes Post-Partum Hair Loss?

During pregnancy, women tend to develop thicker, longer hair. This is because of changes in their hormone levels. After childbirth, as hormones return to “normal” levels, so does the hair growth and shedding cycle.

The decrease in estrogen that occurs post-pregnancy pushes more hair follicles out of the growing stage and into the resting phase. These hairs eventually “shed” or fall out.

Sometimes, there are other factors that can contribute to post-partum hair loss. Stress, anemia, or thyroid conditions, for example, can also cause or exacerbate excessive hair shedding.

Is Post-Partum Hair Loss Permanent?

Luckily, for most women, post-partum hair loss is temporary. Usually, within one year, the hair returns to its pre-pregnancy condition. Once the hair sheds, it typically takes about three months to resolve.

How to Handle Post-Partum Hair Loss

  • Expecting hair loss after pregnancy is one important step in handling it. Unfortunately, many women don’t discuss this particular post-partum issue, even though it happens to almost every new mother.
  • Treat your hair gently during this time. Try to avoid heat stylers or harsh shampoos and conditioners. Use mild products that can strengthen, moisturize, or add volume.
  • Also, make sure you are getting the nutrition you need to keep you and your hair in optimal health.
  • You can also consider a shorter, volumizing hairstyle to hold you over until your hair grows back.
  • You might also think about a wig or hair integration. A hair replacement solution can be an easy, comfortable, stress-free way to get you through the hair-loss.

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