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You don’t need fake blood, devil horns, or cat ears to have an acceptable Halloween costume. Sometimes all you need for Halloween is the right hair!

Your Halloween hair can perfectly complement a well-thought-out costume. Or, your hair can show your friends that you can still rock the Halloween spirit even though you didn’t have the time or energy to plan a complete head-to-toe outfit.

At Rock the Treatment, we know how impactful the right hairstyle or color can be, and not just when you are going to a Halloween party. Our hair replacement specialists spend time working closely with clients, many of whom are experiencing hair loss, ensuring we design and create hair that fits perfectly with each of their needs and lifestyles.

We have a wide range of experience with diverse clients, from closely matching someone’s natural hair color and texture to helping them experiment with wild colors and hairstyles!
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In the meantime, let’s have some fun! Here are some fun Halloween hairstyle ideas that can help you get in the Halloween spirit this year!


Using Spray Color or Other Temporary Hair Color to Create Your “Costume”

Temporary hair paints or hair sprays can work wonders for last-minute hair creations. Consider the following ways a little bit of color can give you a perfect Halloween look!

  • Pile your hair right on top of the center of your head in a messy bun and use white hair paint or spray to create streaks. This can give you a perfect bride of Frankenstein look. Add even more white and mess up that hair to give out serious ghost or zombie vibes. You might even be able to project an ice queen vibe or one that reminds people of Cruella de Vil.
  • You can use hair sprays in rainbow, Ombre, or pastel colors to create a look that says anything from cute unicorn to 80’s party girl, to mermaid, to Harley Quinn!
  • Spray that hair in different shades of green, and you have yourself a 90’s club look or Billie Eilish costume!
  • A simple, neat bun on top of your head, sprayed orange, can give you a perfect pumpkin top!
  • Use the darkest color you can find to create a look that screams goth girl.
  • If you have blonde hair, spray some dark color at your roots for a 1980s Madonna vibe.
  • There really is no end to what you can do with temporary hair color sprays. If you create anything that looks different than your hair does on an ordinary day, you have a great head start (or finish) to your Halloween look!


Styling Your Hair For a Perfect Halloween Look

If a fancy costume is just too much for you to deal with, there are some cute Halloween hairstyles that might be exactly what you need to perfect your costume shortcut. You can use your own hair, a few bobby pins, or other hair accessories to create Halloween hair perfect for a party.

You might want to add clothing, wear makeup, or use other accessories, some of which you probably already have, to complete your “costume.” But the Halloween hairstyle alone might be enough to convince people you are dressed up for the holiday!

  • Wear pigtails to “dress up” like a toddler or little girl
  • Style your hair pin-straight in a middle part to give yourself a 70’s “hippie” look-the longer, the better!
  • Tease your hair into a “beehive” to look like a 50’s girl or even a bride of Frankenstein
  • Roll your hair into two buns on the side of your head to look like Princess Leah from Star Wars or an alien. These are sometimes called space buns.
  • Pull your hair into a tight, sleek, high ponytail to recreate the look of a high school cheerleader or sock-hop girl.
  • Create anywhere from two braids to eight braids (insert some pipe cleaners) to look like a spider, insect, alien, or monster. Don’t be afraid to go over the top with this look!
  • Weave a few LED twinkle lights through several braids or one single braid in your hair for an enchanted fairy or princess look.
  • Make your hair as big as you can for an 80’s vibe. The more volume, the better! Add anything neon to complete your look.

Any one of these hairstyles can easily be complemented with something already in your closet or drawers to create a full costume. But, if you are just not that into Halloween, a hairstyle alone can be enough to get you a pass!


The Right Wig Might Be The Easiest Way to Dress Up This Halloween

Styling your own hair or using some spray might be unappealing to some people. In that case, a wig might be the perfect solution. A Halloween wig can completely change your look in one simple step.

And isn’t Halloween all about looking like someone or something else? Consider changing up your look with a wig for a cute Halloween hairstyle that is unlike anything you have ever tried before, such as:

  • Hair that is the complete opposite color of what you have. For example, if you are blonde, go black. If you have dark hair, try platinum blonde.
  • Hair that is the opposite of your current style. For example, if you have long hair, try short hair. If you have natural curls, try something straight like a bob or pixie. If you have long hair that is straight, try a hairstyle with big curls.
  • Have you always wanted blue hair or purple hair? Try wearing something that is an unusual color like hot pink, bright blue, or fiery orange.
  • A wig that has an extraordinarily fancy or unusual style. For example, something from the Victorian era or a futuristic wig with a cone shape!

One important thing to remember is that Halloween is about having a good time! If donning a full costume is just too much effort, you might find that tweaking your hair gets you in the spirit!

Whether you add a bit of temporary color, experiment with some unusual styles, or choose to shock your friends with a completely new head of hair, enjoy the process!


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