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Celebrity Hair Loss Stories

Following our favorite celebrities on Instagram and Twitter can leave many of us feeling insecure about how we look. Their bodies, flawless skin, voluminous hair, and insanely long eyelashes can make our “ordinary” selves feel a bit inferior. Sometimes, it helps to remember that filters, extensions, and camera angles can be deceptive – we aren’t necessarily seeing the real thing.

The constant bombardment of images of women with thick, long, voluminous hair can exacerbate feelings of embarrassment, shame, and insecurity that women with hair loss often experience. But, it is important to remember that what we see is not always the real thing. Many celebrities wear wigs or get hair integration or extensions to obtain their desired looks.

Others utilize wigs, hair integration, or extensions because they have experienced hair loss. For some of these famous women, hair loss has been temporary – perhaps caused by stress or overtreating. For others, hair loss has been a lifelong battle caused by alopecia.

Let’s look at a few celebrity women who have struggled with hair loss and shared their stories with the public.

Jada Pinkett Smith –

Smith, actress and podcast host, went public with her alopecia journey when she shaved her head. She grew tired of feeling obligated to wear wigs and hide her hair loss.
Now, she has a choice. She is often seen sporting her shaved head with confidence, saving the wigs only for when she feels like wearing them.


Keira Knightly –

Knightly, a model and actress, told InStyle UK that she wore wigs for more than five years to hide her hair loss. After many years of coloring it for various films, her hair began to fall out.


Kristin Davis –

Actress Kristen Davis is best known for playing Charlotte in Sex and The City, and her thick brown hair was one of her signature accessories. Davis admits that her natural hair is quite fine and that professionals were needed to give Charlotte those flowing locks. After wrapping the show, Davis said her hair got even thinner, to the point where “there just was hardly any hair there.”


Amy Schumer –

Comedian and actress Amy Schumer recently opened up about her struggle with trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder. Schumer began pulling out her hair as a young teenager and turned to a wig in high school to hide the damage to her scalp and hair. Schumer has been honest about using extensions and other hair replacement techniques to maximize her hair and her continuous struggle with the disorder.


Alyssa Milano –

Milano was very open about her recent hair loss, which she experienced after a bout with Covid-19. Her story called attention to the serious effects physical illness and emotional stress can have on the growth and hair shedding cycle. This type of loss tends to be temporary, with the hair returning to its usual cycle after several months.

For some women, famous or not, experiencing hair loss can be traumatic. Whether it is caused by cancer treatments, hair-pulling disorder, stress, or alopecia, hair loss can leave you feeling insecure, embarrassed, or depressed. We don’t want that. We want you to feel confident and comfortable.


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