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Ancient Myths About People With Red Hair

With Saint Patrick’s Day around the corner, it sometimes feels like the world is filled with red-haired people. If you have red hair, you are actually one of a select group. Red is the least common hair color in the world.

For those lucky few who are designated “redheads” or “gingers,” having red hair comes with some baggage.
Strange myths surrounding red hair and the people who have it have existed since ancient times. Of course, the myths are completely unfounded, but fun to read about nonetheless!

Here are some of the more interesting ancient myths about people with red hair:

  • During medieval times in Europe, women with red hair were thought to be witches. During the 1500s, tens of thousands of suspected witches in Europe were executed by Christians.
  • Redheads don’t have souls. Not only don’t redheads have souls, but they allegedly steal other people’s souls through eye contact.
  • People with red hair are violent, aggressive, sharp-tongued liars. This myth might stem from the general association of the color red to evil, hot, or angry things such as the devil and fire.
  • Different stories from Greek mythology support the suggestion that redheads return as vampires after they die.
  • People with red hair are more sexual than others. Throughout history, especially in works of art, redheads have been associated with passion and fiery lust. This is likely because the color red is tied to these characteristics much like it is to anger and evil.
  • People born with red hair were conceived from “unclean sex.” It was long believed by many that redheads resulted from having sexual intercourse while menstruating, an act that was frowned upon.

These myths have no basis. The reality is that red hair is the result of nature and genetics. People with red hair are not witches or violent, nor do they steal souls. Unfortunately, many of these unfair associations still exist today. Gingers often find themselves on the receiving end of bad jokes, assumptions, and innuendos about their personalities and traits.


Red Hair Might Mean Good Luck!

However, one less-offensive myth about redheads is that they can bring luck! Because it is rare, some people believe that rubbing the head of someone with red hair will result in good luck or good fortune. Of course, this too is a myth with no scientific basis, but it sure beats being accused of witchcraft!


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